We love to play with sound, and consider ourselves lucky here at Sirius, to be doing the job we do.  We move efficiently and with a sense of humor, and we love to make a racket.  Here are some examples of our work.

  • Yahoo and Sirius Sound–Draft Day Music and Sound

    Sirius Sound and Yahoo team up again to deliver this important message about National Draft Day.  Music Composition/Arrangement, Mix and Sound Design.

  • Sirius, Corduroy and Medallia

    Sirius Sound and Corduroy Media team up again for the sound package for this uber modern Medallia video.

  • Sacred Lands and Sirius Sound Chaco Canyon

    Sirius Sound and Sacred Lands Film Project team up again for a mini doc revealing that Chaco Canyon, home to ancient Puebloan villages and Great Kivas – has been overwhelmed with offerings left by New Age practitioners.

  • The Return, Loteria and Sirius Sound

    We had the privilege to work with Loteria Films on their new documentary, The Return, which just won Audience Choice 1st Place at Tribecca Film Festival.  The Return follows two inmates who were incarcerated with life sentences under the CA three strikes law, as they return to a new life after being released from prison.

  • A Day With Jeff, Google and Sirius Sound

    Google and Sirius Sound teamed up for this mini documentary featuring Jeff, a man with essential tremor. Mix and Sound Design.

  • Sands of War [Full Frame Productions]

    Airing nationally on PBS starting this May, (2016) Sands of War tells the untold story of the Desert Training Center, established in the Mojave Desert by General Patton. Sirius Sound and Full Frame Productions teamed up for this half hour documentary. Mix and Sound design.

  • SF Giants, Roughhouse and Sirius Sound 2016

    We are definitely getting ready for this years San Francisco Giants baseball season. And it all started, by wearing our hearts on our heads..

  • Jodorowsky’s Dune Soundtrack By Kurt Stenzel

    The soundtrack to Jodorowsky’s Dune is finally coming out!  It is being released by Light in the Attic Records in Seattle on double gatefold vinyl and digital formats.  I had the privilege to work with Kurt Stenzel on this amazing album as a co producer/mixer/arranger.  Kurt composed countless files for the film, and we were […]

  • First Person and GE, The Digital Power Plant

    Some nifty technology from GE showcased here by First Person, and some blippy sounds to sweeten the deal provided by Sirius Sound.

  • Corduroy Media and Aruba Networks, Derrick, the Dude pt 3

    Sirius sound, working with the fantastic creative crew at Corduroy Media, mixed this series of funny shorts for Aruba Networks.  Meet Derrick the Dude… an office-challenged kinda guy, lost in the 90s, trying to navigate a new job.  It’s going to be ‘eeeppiiiic.’

  • Define American, Corduroy Media, Sound Design/Mix

    What a wonderful project that Corduroy Media brought to us!  From recording the stories, to creating a sound palette and mixing, this project was a joy to work on.

  • TMobile The Big 7th

    Sirius Sound working with 4SP did some serious mixing on this one.  With dozens of crowd sourced audio sources and a punk guide track, we had our work cut out for us… cleaning, tuning (slightly), organizing, timing and coercing this thing into a ‘song.’ We were well pleased to see it air not once, but […]