We love to play with sound, and consider ourselves lucky here at Sirius, to be doing the job we do.  We move efficiently and with a sense of humor, and we love to make a racket.  Here are some examples of our work.

  • Strength of a Warrior

    Working in collaboration with First Person, Sirius Sound was tasked to create some serious sounds for the Golden State Warrior’s new hype video for the 2014-2015 season. We like to hear the BOOM!

  • Happy 10th Birthday Flickr

    Yahoo came to us with a challenge: how to say happy birthday to Flickr, who was turning 10. We answered with this little ditty.

  • Neato – Us vs Them

    This little guy gets the job done, and so does the tune! Working with First Person, we got a little wacky with the synthesizers on this one, and the big bottom pitch-scoops fit just right.

  • Standing On Sacred Ground

    Covering eight indigenous communities, Standing On Sacred Ground exposes threats to native peoples’ health, livelihood and cultural survival. In the U.S. and around the world, indigenous people defend human rights and restore the environment in their sacred places, the original protected areas. In a growing worldwide movement, their resistance provides the path to our common […]

  • Better This World

    Better this World

    How did two boyhood friends from Midland, Texas wind up arrested on terrorism charges at the 2008 Republican National Convention? Better This World follows the journey of David McKay (22) and Bradley Crowder (23) from political neophytes to accused domestic terrorists with a particular focus on the relationship they develop with a radical activist mentor […]

  • Google Global Impact Awards

    Google needed a serious tune to help showcase some seriously great work they and their partners are doing around the world.

  • Introducing the Yahoo Mail App

    Who doesn’t like stomping, clapping and Ukulele? No one I say. Working with Yahoo, Sirius Sound came up with just the right idea for their new Mail App introduction video.

  • Salt Branding Sizzle

    We dusted off the guitar, found the bass, and got a little rocky with the Salt Branding Sizzle music.  Working with First Person, we had a mind meld about direction, did come calisthenics, and got to rockin.

  • A Simple Question Trailer

    A Simple Question

    This 35 minute film tells the story of the STRAW Project (Students and Teachers Restoring A Watershed). In 1992, Laurette Rogers’ 4th grade class asked her what they could do to save endangered species? It was a simple question that would change their lives. They decided to restore creek-side habitat for the local endangered California […]

  • True Story – The Life of a community member

    The soundtrack of Todd the IT guy is a complex story told with a complex tune. Aruba Networks and Elastic Creative needed a song to keep this epic alive and kicking and Sirius Sound came to the plate with this score.

  • Return Flight: Restoring the Bald Eagle to the Channel Islands

    Featured at the Channel Islands National Park Visitor Center, this film chronicles the journey of the bald eagle’s recovery from disappearance on the Channel Islands in the 1960s due to DDT contamination, overhunting, and egg collecting to today’s population of about 60+ birds on four of the eight Channel Islands, including 16 pairs that are successfully […]

  • HP Get Real

    This hilarious series for HP was the brainchild of Elastic Creative.  Some very subtle sound design and mixing came into play, but clearly Mr Pointer is the star of the show.