We love to play with sound, and consider ourselves lucky here at Sirius, to be doing the job we do.  We move efficiently and with a sense of humor, and we love to make a racket.  Here are some examples of our work.

  • Aruba Networks, A Bunch of Airheads

    I wish I could dance like this guy!  Elastic Creative and Sirius Sound teamed up to show how cool the Aruba peeps are with this wacked out beat.  Viva Analogue!

  • Call of Life

    Call of Life tells the story not only of a crisis in nature, but also in human nature. In interviews with psychologists, anthropologists, and historians, the film looks beyond the immediate causes of the mass extinction to consider how cultural and economic myths, along with deep-seated behavioral patterns have allowed this crisis to develop, continue […]

  • In the Light of Reverence

    Ten years in the making, In the Light of Reverence explores American cultures relationship to nature in three places considered sacred by native peoples: the Colorado Plateau in the Southwest, Mt. Shasta in California, and Devils Tower in Wyoming. Rich in minerals and timber and beloved by recreational users, these holy lands exert a spiritual […]